Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Have Grandkids Today!

Well, its Saturday and I have my two grandsons today. They are spending the night with me while Mom and Dad go on a belated Valentine Trip. Just an overnight, they can't get too far away.

The oldest GS is playing games on the computer while the youngest GS is just about to fall asleep while watching tv. If he gets still, his eyes go closed. I think his favorite place is the car. You barely get pulled out of the driveway and he is out like a light. He's not a baby either... he's six! I told him earlier that I have a picture of him laying in the middle of the kitchen table asleep. I'll have to post it when I find it.


Bluestocking said...

Hi welcome to the party!


Shawna Bates said...

Lol..that's great! I wish my kids would conk out that quick!!!
I think if you find that photo you should blog it! That would be funny!!
Have fun during the blog party!
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Shawna-From Michigan